TEAM PROFILE:   The club currently has 13 active boxers.  This number traditionally increases with the start of fall classes, the end of football in November and the approach of the Golden Gloves tournament in spring.  The average age of the club's boxers is usually around 21 years of age.
The all-time record of our current active boxing team is 22-11 (67%).  We have five Golden Gloves champions on our team, J. J. Budde, Mike Durham, Matt Gough, Matt Reed and Nick McReynolds.  
Our newest champions are 14 year-old Nick McReynolds who won the 2008 Intermediate Division championship (110 pounds) and 24 year-old Matt Reed who won the 2008 Junior Open Division championship (132 pounds) at the 2008 Indiana Golden Gloves.  
Here are boxers currently or recently affiliated with the club: 

Mike Durham
125  OPEN                SUBNOVICE CHAMPION 2004
                                     OPEN RUNNER-UP 2005
Mike is a terrific young boxer from Evansville.  He was runner-up in the 2005 Golden Gloves 125 pound open division and won the 2004 Golden Gloves championship in the 132 pound sub-novice division.   He has amassed a 6-2 amateur record in just the last year and a half.  Mike successfully spars with boxers 40 to 50 pounds heavier.  He is 21 years old (b. June 1985).  He recently became the proud father of a baby girl and continues to spar with the team.  He plans to resume boxing, probably at 141 pounds, in the next year. 

04/08/04   Indianapolis     Won-WO     Ronnie Cruz

04/15/04   Indianapolis     Won-WO     Nathan Scarlett     

06/19/04   Indianapolis     Won 3-0      --- Artega               

10/23/04   Bowl. Green    Won 3-0       --- Whitting

12/04/04   Louisville         Lost 1-2       Ron Cruz (141 lbs.)      

01/15/05   Indianapolis     Won 3-0      Chad Kauffman

05/05/05   Indianapolis     Lost 1-4      Jason Jimenez

08/27/05   Lexington        Won 2-1      Rafael Ramirez

Matt Reed


Matt is 24 years old (b. Aug. 1983) and is a native of Mt. Vernon, Indiana, where he graduated from Mt. Vernon High School in 1998.  While at MVHS, Matt played basketball and wrestled, winning the Southern Indiana Athletic Conference Wrestling Championship at 103 pounds in his senior year.  He served in the Army for two years (2001-02) and now lives in Evansville where he owns an auto dealership, Reed Automotive, and works for Insight Cablevision.  Matt is married to wife, Megan, and has three children, a daughter, age 4, and two boys, ages 3 and 3 months.  He started boxing with the E.B.C. in the winter of 2008 and hoped to have his first bout in the 132 pound junior open division of the Golden Gloves, but won the championship unopposed.  No one in the state would step up!!  Matt had is ring debut on July 26, 2008, at a local show in Evansville, retiring his opponent with two punches 20 seconds into round one.


04/10/08   Indianapolis   Won              unopposed
07/26/08   Evansville      Won ret.        Chad Denton
09/21/08   Bloomington  Lost 0-3         Jason Nebele

Nick McReynolds

Nick is 14 years old (b. Mar. 1994) and is a native of Evansville, Indiana.  He attended eight-grader at Perry Heights Middle School and will attend Reitz High School in the fall of 2008.  He is 5' 7" tall and 110 pounds and competes in two bowling leagues.  Nick is a tenacious young boxer with long reach and a crisp and highly effective counterpunching style.  He has a 4-2 record, badly bloodying his opponent (three fight stoppages) in his first loss and losing to a vastly more experienced boxer in the other loss.  On April 3, 2008, Nick won his first state title, the 2008 Indiana Junior Golden Gloves Championship, in the intermediate (age 13-14) division at Tyndall Armory in Indianapolis in front of 1,400 people ... a unanimous 5-0 decision in which he eight-counted his opponent two times.


Nick joined the team in September 2007 and already has 7 bouts, the most among all active Evansville boxers, and 4 victories. He will eligible for the Indiana Golden Gloves tournament in the spring of 2011.     


11/17/07   Indianapolis     Won-3-0     C. Kregor

01/19/08   Indianapolis     Lost 0-3     Cody Bennett

03/01/08   Whitesville      Won 3-0     Travis Birckler

04/03/08   Indianapolis     Won 5-0     Fred Wallace

04/26/08   Terre Haute     Lost 0-3      McKinney

07/26/08   Indianapolis     Won 3-0     John Napier

09/21/08   Bloomington    Lost 1-2      Hud Mellencamp  

Erik Belford
165  JUNIOR OPEN               
Erik joined the club in September 2008 and is an energetic and impressive new addition with crisp punching ability.  Erik will turn 22 this fall (born Nov. 1986) and is a senior at the University of Evansville where he is double-majoring in psychology and sociology with criminal justice specialization.  He seeks a career in law enforcement after college and currently works for Bob's Gym in Evansville.
Erik hails from Carmi, Illinois, where he graduated from Carmi High School in 2005 and played on Carmi's greatest-ever varsity football team, a team that went undefeated during the regular season and reached the Elite Eight of the Illinois high school football championship.   
Erik is 5' 8" tall and will box in the highly competitive 165 pound weight class. He has no prior boxing experience although he is a skilled marital artist with specific training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Tae Kwan Do. 
No bouts

Jennifer DuVoy
                                            ILLINOIS CHAMPION 2007  
Jennifer is from Chicago, Illinois, where she is a two-time Illinois Golden Gloves champion.  Her bio will be added here soon.


Record before coming to EBC:  16-4


09/21/08   Bloomington    Won 3-0     Tammy Griffin



James "J. J." Budde
152  OPEN       JR. OPEN CHAMPION 2005
                           NOVICE CHAMPION 2006
J. J. is from Evansville and graduated from Reitz High School.  He has boxed Golden Gloves in both the junior open and novice divisions and has now completed his amateur career with a 9-3 record and two consecutive Golden Gloves championships.  In January 2005, he lost a 2-1 split-decision to a more experienced boxer (8 fights) but followed that with four months of intensive six-per-week workouts and sparring sessions.  His hard work paid off with three unanimous victories at the 2005 Golden Gloves and a championship jacket in the 152 pound junior open division, the tournament's largest division with 9 boxers.  At the 2006 Golden Gloves, he won a second championship jacket in the 152 pound novice division.  With over 63 minutes of ring time in 12 bouts, he has is the most experienced current Evansville boxer.  J. J. completed two years of art studies at the University of Southern Indiana and is now pursuing a firefighting career at Ivy Tech in Evansville.  He works for a stained-glass company in Evansville.  In 1993, J. J. finished third in his age division (11-12) in a national karate competition.  He was born on February 11, 1981.  J. J. does not plan to box anymore but is still in top shape and often spars with the team.  He and his wife, Ryan, were married on May 6, 2006.   

01/15/05   Indianapolis     Lost 1-2      Recardo Martinez

04/14/05   Indianapolis     Won 5-0     Jose Guterez

04/21/05   Indianapolis     Won 5-0     Jarrod Richeson

05/05/05   Indianapolis     Won WO    Martin Valdez

06/18/05   Indianapolis     Lost  0-3     Abdullah Johnson

06/25/05   Lexington        Won 2-1     Jesse Diaz

08/27/05   Lexington        Won 2-1     Jack Howard (1)

09/24/05   Lexington        Won 3-0     Josh Maine

12/03/05   Lexington        Lost 1-2      Jack Howard (2)

02/18/06   Indianapolis     Won-Ret 2   ----

03/11/06   Lexington        Won 3-0      William Ellen

04/13/06   Indianapolis     Won WO     unopposed

David Houngninou


One of our newest members, David is 21 years old (b. Sep. 1986) and is a powerfully-built 6 foot 3 inches and 250 pounds.  A native of Benin, David came to the United States in 2005 and moved to Evansville where he continued his college studies at the University of Evansville.  He will graduate with a degree in computer engineering in December 2008. 


David has played intramural soccer in a defense position for three years and played club basketball for his school in France before coming to the U.S.  He joined the club in June 2008 and is looking forward to his first local show.


No bouts

Trenton Verble


Trenton is 9 years old, and turns 10 in August.  He hails from Enfield, Illinois, and has already earned a black belt in Tae Kwan Do Karate, a sport in which he has participated for 2 1/2 years.  Trenton is a student at Norrris City Elementary School where he will enter fourth grade this fall. 


Trenton had his first bout at a local show in Evansville on July 26th, a three-round exhibition (not judged) against Louisville Legend's Charles Diggs. The bout was

an amazing exhibition of skills for both young boxers, each showing good aggressiveness and style and each boxer 8-counting the other once.  Given the fact that Trenton has trained for only one month, his performance was a phenomenally promising start to his amateur boxing career! 


07/26/08   Evansville     Exhibition    C. Diggs

Chuck Capshaw


Chuck is a resident of Evansville, Indiana, and is 19 years old.  He graduated from Reitz High School in 2005 where he had an extensive and successful high school wrestling career.  He is currently a student at Indiana State University.  Chuck chose the toughest venue of all for his first bout, a unanimous, but close, loss by judges' decision on April 12, 2007 in the finals of his division, but won his next bout at John Cougar Mellencamp's show in Bloomington.  


04/12/07   Indianapolis    Lost 0-5   Korey Davis

09/21/08   Bloomington   Won 3-0  Tony Grovocci  



Amber Kessler
Amber is 24 years of age and is from Washington, Indiana, where she graduated from Washington High School.  She currently works and lives in Princeton, Indiana, and had her boxing debut at 125 pounds in the 2007 Indiana Golden Gloves where she lost a close split-decision to an experienced boxer, Amanda Morgan.
Amber aspires to become an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps.
03/22/07   Indianapolis    Lost 1-4   Amanda Morgan
04/28/07   Whitesville     Lost 0-3    Shelly Stevens

Jason Moll


Jason is a resident of Evansville, Indiana, and is 20 years old.  He graduated from Mater Dei High School in 2005.  


[Jason is a new boxer with the club.  More biographical information will be added within several weeks.]    


no bouts


Jason Booker
Jason is 25 years of age and is from Whitesville, Kentucky.  Jason used to box for the South Paw Boxing Club in Owensboro, Kentucky, and is returning to amateur boxing after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years.  
[Jason is a new boxer with the club.  More biographical information will be added within several weeks.] 
7 bouts prior to Marine Corps service

Nathan Simon


Nathan is 19 years old (b. Feb. 1988) and is a native of Evansville, Indiana.  He graduated from Reitz High School in 2006.  He is currently a freshman majoring in political science at the University of Southern Indiana.  He has done a lot of acting with school and community theater groups and plays of lot of ultimate frisbee.


Nathan joined the team in January 2007 is a new boxer with the club.   


no bouts

Mike Clark


Mike is a 178 pound junior open boxer from Owensboro.  He is 21 years old (born March 4, 1985) and is a 2003 graduate of Owensboro Catholic High School where he was a pitcher on the baseball team.  He is studying nursing at Owensboro Community College.  Mike's lost a very close decision on some judges' cards at his first Golden Gloves bout in 2007.  His current record is 3-2. 


Mike boxes with Tony Curtis at the Southpaw Boxing Club in Owensboro but trains with the EBC during the summers.


-- / -- /06   Richmond       Won 3-0      Morgan Holmes

04/29/06   Whitesville      Lost 1-2      Trent Findlay     

06/24/06   Lexington       Won 3-0      Mike Patterson

01/ -- /07  Whitesville      Won            

03/29/07   Indianapolis    Lost 0-5       Mark Coletta 



Josh Brown
Josh boxes in the 165 pound junior open division and is 26 years old.  He is a 2000 graduate of Pike Central High School in Petersburg, Indiana, where he was a four-year starter in wrestling and cross-country.  He was Sectional Champion in wrestling in 2000.  Josh is currently a senior at the University of Southern Indiana where he is majoring in exercise science.  He was born in March,1981, and is noted for bold starts.  He had his first bout in the Golden Gloves in 2004 and, after a 30 month layoff, fought tough Alexander Brio to a split decision after being back in the gym for only two short weeks.  Then, just a week later, Josh won a bout.     

03/25/04   Indianapolis     Lost 0-5           Jose DeJesus               

09/30/06   Lexington        Lost 2-1           Alexander Brio

10/07/06   Terre Haute     Won 2-1           Steven Tucker

04/28/07   Whitesville      Lost RSC-2       Felix Gonzalez

Niko Ray


Niko is 12 years old (b. October 1994) and 5' 8" tall.  He is new to the club, to Evansville and to amateur boxing. 


Niko was born in Florida and recently lived in Kentucky where he played football for the East Jessamine Middle School Jaguars.  He currently lives in Evansville and is in the 6th grade at Oak Hill Middle School.  He loves 4-wheeling and will box at approximately 150 pounds. 


no bouts

George Brown
George is 30 years old (b. October 1976) and lives in Evansville.  He is 5' 9" tall and weighs 178 pounds.  George was a track and football star at Central High School.  He played tailback on the football team and was a sprinter for the track team, running 100 and 200 meters (best times: 100 meters - 9.7, 9.9, 10.2, 10.5; 200 meters - 21.0) and the 400 meter relay.  He was also a long-jumper. 
no bouts

Matthew Gough
132  OPEN                OPEN CHAMPION 2002
                                    OPEN RUNNER-UP 2003
                                    OPEN RUNNER-UP 2004
Matthew is from Evansville and now boxes in the 132 pound open division.  He started boxing at age 15 and is one of our best and most active boxers with 26 amateur bouts.  Matthew won the 2002 Indiana Golden Gloves open division championship at 132 pounds, received the award for Outstanding Open Boxer and went on to the national tournament in Denver that year.  He was runner-up in the Golden Gloves in 2003 and 2004 and has an overall record of 16-10.  Matthew is from a boxing family.  His brother boxed.  His cousin, Bobby, fought over 50 amateur bouts.   His father, Don Gough, is our club's trainer. 
09/06/97   Indianapolis  Won dec.    ---

11/12/97   Indianapolis  Lost 1-2      B. Rayheul

03/08/00   Owensboro   Won RSC   --- Young

04/18/00   Indianapolis  Lost dec.    C. Bidwell

04/27/00   Indianapolis  Won dec.    Chris Gale

07/22/00   Louisville      Won dec.    ---

08/26/00   Lexington     Won RSCH ---

10/29/00   Evansville     Won dec.    --- Pruett

04/05/01   Indianapolis  Won dec.    M. Johnson 

04/21/00   Lebanon       Won dec.    Cesar Vega

05/26/00   Lexington     Won dec.    Darryl Bowling

12/08/01   Evansville     Won dec.    Stefen Campbell

01/25/02   Toledo          Lost 1-4      Raphael Hernandez

04/27/02   Evansville     Won dec.    --- Pruett

06/06/02   Indianapolis  Won RSC   J. Vo

06/17/02   Denver          Lost RSC   Hector Saez

07/13/02   ---                 Won dec.   --- 

09/28/02   Indianapolis   Lost dec.    --- Simmons

11/23/02   Louisville       Won dec.    ---

01/11/03   Indianapolis   Lost RSC   C. Taylor

05/01/03   Indianapolis   Won dec.   Bobby Knight

05/15/03   Indianapolis   Lost dec.    Jon Rodgers-

12/07/03   Indianapolis   Lost dec.    --- Hutcherson 

12/27/03   Evansville      Lost 2-3     Josh Johnson

04/05/04   Indianapolis   Won 5-0     Josh Johnson

04/29/04   Indianapolis   Lost dec.    --- Hutcherson

Cody Pritchard


Cody is 19 years old (born March 8, 1988) and will box for the club at 125 pounds in the subnovice division.  A resident of Norris City, Illinois, Cody is a 2006 graduate of Lawrence County High School.  In high school, he played “ironman” football at both halfback and cornerback and also played point guard on the basketball team and shortstop on the baseball team.  


09/30/06   Lexington        Lost RSC2      Israel Torres

Aaron Briner


Aaron is from Hazelton, Indiana and is 28 years old (born July 3, 1978).  He graduated from Princeton Community High School in 2000 after serving four years in the United States Marine Corps infantry division from 1996 to 2000 and seeing service in South America.  Aaron will box at 201 pounds in the junior open division.


no bouts

Mitch Greathouse


Mitch is 20 years old (born June 28, 1986) and is from Evansville.  A 2005 graduate of New Harmony High School in New Harmony, Indiana, Mitch has achieved a lifetime 75-7 record in high school and freestyle wrestling.  He is a four-time Evansville City tournament champion and four-time Feeder System tournament champion.  He finished third in the Eastern Nationals in 1998 and won the Harrison Tournament at 119 pounds in 2004.  He also played three years of high school baseball and two years each of high school basketball and golf.  He will box at 125 pounds in the junior open division.


no bouts

Zack Hemer


Zack is new to the club and to Evansville.  Originally from Redondo Beach, California, Zack moved to Evansville in 2006 and is now a sophomore at Central High School.  He has wrestled at 112 and 125 pounds in middle and high school and will box at 119 pounds in the senior division (15-16 years old).  He is 15 years old (born June 6, 1991).


no bouts

Justin Smith


Justin is boxing in the 165 pound junior open division.  He is 21 years of age.  He graduated from Noblesville High School in 2003 and helped lead his team to the Indiana High School Soccer Tournament semifinals.  Justin is currently attending the University of Southern Indiana where he is studying biology.  He had his first bout in Indianapolis on October 28th and stopped his opponent in less than 2 minutes.


10/28/06   Indianapolis   Won RSC-1    Ryan Noland

Joey Hammond
152  NOVICE 
Joey is 23 years old and a native of Princeton, Indiana.  He is 6 feet 2 inches tall and has been with the club since 2003.  Thus far, he has boxed in three Golden Gloves tournaments, the first two at 165 pounds and the 2005 Gloves at 152 pounds.  A multi-sport athlete, Joey played Little League and Babe Ruth baseball, city select soccer and Boys' Club basketball throughout his teens.  He also climbed the 14,147 foot high Maroon Bells ("Deadly Bells") in 2001.  Joey graduated from A Beka Academy in 2003, completed two years at the University of Southern Indiana and, in 2005, transferred to Indiana State University where he is now a junior pursuing his B.S. degree in professional aviation and aerospace management.  Joey is a three-time recipient of Thomas Lyday boxing scholarships from the Indiana Golden Gloves and became a certified Level I USA Boxing official in October 2004.  He was born on March 2, 1984.  He has had to discontinue boxing to protect his aviation physical status.
04/24/03   Indianapolis   Lost 0-5     Alex Suits  

07/20/03   Evansville      Won 3-0    Josh Ingram             

04/23/04   Indianapolis   Lost 0-5     Dave Pemberton
04/07/05   Indianapolis   Lost 1-4     Shane Crawford

James Brown (1986-2006)
178  NOVICE              SUBNOVICE CHAMPION 2003
                                       NOVICE CHAMPION 2005
James had an undefeated (4-0) amateur record and won two Golden Gloves jackets.  He won the 2003 Golden Gloves subnovice title at 178 pounds and won the 2005 Golden Gloves novice title at the same weight.  His first bout lasted just 51 seconds and half of that time was consumed by his opponent's two eight-counts.  James defeated the heavyweight (201) division champion in a matched bout at the 2005 Golden Gloves.  He graduated from Gibson Southern High School in 2005 and played both offensive tackle and middle linebacker on its football team. Following his senior season, James was named to the 2004 All-Conference and All-County first teams and received honorable mention honors on the All-State team.  He also won the team's Ironman Award and was named MVP by his teammates.  James was a native of Owensville, Indiana, and entered the United States Marine Corps in June, 2005.  He was deployed to Iraq in June 2006.  On November 2, 2006, James was killed by a sniper while standing post at Observation Post Bears along "Michigan Avenue", the main highway between Fallujah and Ramadi in Al Anbar Province.  He was 20 years old.  Please visit the James Brown memorial web site by clicking the link below.
04/24/03   Indianapolis     Won-RSC1     Doug Nale
05/01/03   Indianapolis     Won-WO        Eric Detwiler
05/05.05   Indianapolis     Won-WO
05/05/05   Indianapolis     Won 4-1         Ricardo Rios (201)     


Adam McCandless
Adam joined the team in January 2005 and is remarkably skilled for a beginner.  In his opening bout, he upset a much more-experienced and stronger opponent who knocked out opponents immediately before and after his meeting with Adam.  Adam is from Princeton, Indiana, is 6' 1" tall and fights in the 152 pound junior open division.  He graduated from Princeton Community High School in 2002 and, while in high school, lettered in cross-country, track, basketball and soccer.  He has completed studies at the University of Southern Indiana and at Vincinnes University.  Adam lost a narrow 3-2 split decision in the 2005 Golden Gloves.  He was born on June 10, 1983.  Since 2005, Adam has played bass guitar with Jason Clutter and the Broken Arrow Band, a very successful regional band.
03/26/05   Lexington     Won 3-0     Jonathan Soto
04/07/05   Indianapolis  Lost 2-3     Martin Valdez
06/25/05   Lexington     Won 3-0     Saird Joyce
09/24/05   Lexington     Lost 0-3     Jerry Massay
11/12/05   Indianapolis  Lost 0-3     -- Gibson

Jacob Beyers
Jacob (3-1) joined the club in February 2005 and upset an experienced boxer, Josh Vires, in his very first bout.  (Two weeks later, Vires knocked out his first round opponent in the Golden Gloves.)  Jacob next won his Golden Gloves debut with a stunning triple-8-count RSC of his opponent in the first round.  Jacob is 6' 4" tall and fights in the 178 pound subnovice division.  A native of Evansville, Jacob played hockey from age 6 to age 16 and most recently played with the Evansville Blades and the Evansville Thunder.  He also played varsity soccer at Reitz High School.  Jacob attended the University of Southern Indiana last year and played hockey for the U.S.I. Ice Eagles before the team was discontinued.  He is 20 years old (b. July 1986) and was runner-up in the Golden Gloves 178 pound subnovice division in 2005. 
Jacob resumed training with the club in April 2007 after a two-year absence and plans to box in the 2008 Golden Gloves.
03/26/05   Lexington       Won 3-0        Josh Vires
04/14/05   Indianapolis    Won RSC-1   Jarred Cotterman
04/21/05   Indianapolis    Lost 4-1        Dustin Hobson
06/25/05   Lexington       Won 2-1        Dennis Ogboo

Barry Bernard
165  OPEN                JR. OPEN CHAMPION 2002
Barry boxes in the 165 pound open division and won the 2002 Golden Gloves junior open title in that weight class.  He has an impressive amateur record of 6-2.  He is returning to boxing after a two year layoff.  Barry attends Vincinnes University and was born on August 8, 1978.
prior record (6-1)
04/21/05   Indianapolis    Lost 4-1   Tony Mahune


Mike Conners
                          SILVER GLOVES CHAMPION 1988
                          SILVER GLOVES CHAMPION 1989
                          SILVER GLOVES CHAMPION 1990
                          JUNIOR OLYMPIC CHAMPION 1989
                          JUNIOR OLYMPIC CHAMPION 1990 
                          JUNIOR OPEN CHAMPION 2000
Mike boxes in the 165 pound open division and is an incredible talent.  He has an amateur record of 62-7 and his last bout was a win at Newsome Center in July 2003.   Mike is a two-time past Junior Olympic champion (1989 and 1990), a four-time past Silver Gloves champion (1987, 88, 89 and 90), and a Golden Gloves champion in the junior open division in 2000.  Mike is our primary sparring trainer and instructor and is 32 years old.  

record 1987-91     54 wins   6 losses 

record 2000-05       8 wins   1 loss


                           62 wins   7 losses


Nicholas Johnson
Nick is 6' 3" and currently boxes in the 152 pound junior open division.  A native of Evansville, Nick was born on May 13, 1982.  He had a big win in Bowling Green last October and lost extremely narrow decisions on points in Louisville in December 2004 and in Indianapolis in January 2005.  

10/23/04   Bowl. Green    Won 3-0   --- Manuel  

12/04/04   Louisville         Lost 0-3   Matthew Coleman      

01/15/05   Indianapolis     Lost 0-3   Shawn Kendall

Steve Livingston
Steve boxes in the 152 pound junior open division.  He has a 1-1 amateur record.  Born on September 9, 1979, Steve is a wrestling coach at Princeton Middle School and an Assistant Wrestling Coach at Princeton Community High School.  

07/20/03   Evansville      Won RSC1    Keith Mahoney 

04/01/04   Indianapolis   Lost RSC2    Jose DeJesus    

Brandon Meny
Brandon boxes in the 141 pound sub-novice division and has an 0-1 amateur record.  He graduated from Princeton Community High School in 2004 where he was a highly-ranked varsity wrestler in the 135 pound division.  Brandon's wrestling titles include the Corydon Invitational, two Big 8 Conference championships, and back-to-back post-season Sectional championships in 2003 and 2004.  He was also named to the Indiana State Wrestling Association Junior National Team in 2004.  Brandon is currently enrolled at Indiana State University and received a Tom Lyday boxing scholarship from the Indiana Golden Gloves in 2004. 
04/23/04   Indianapolis    Lost RSCH1   David Lawson


Troy Samocki
165  OPEN           JR. OPEN CHAMPION 2005
Troy is a 165 pound junior open division boxer who started college studies at Indiana State University this past fall.  He is originally from Valparaiso, Indiana, and graduated from Valparaiso High School in 2003.   Before coming to Evansville, Troy fought for the Gary PAL Boxing Club in Gary, Indiana, and has a 4-0 amateur record, winning his first Golden Gloves crown in 2005 after a brutal and bloody three-round judges' 3-2 decision.  He is in fantastic condition and has to be run out of the gym.  He does one-arm push-ups, monstrous 4 minute burnouts and phenomenal speed bag work.  He was born on July 21, 1983.  After winning the 2005 Golden Gloves, Troy returned to Valparaiso to work and trains again with the Gary PAL Boxing Club.

-------  04   Gary             Won RSC1   ---

-------  04   Gary             Won RSC1   --- 

-------  04   Gary             Won 3-0       Antoine Tionne

04/21/05   Indianapolis   Won 3-2       Jimmy Campbell

Jarrod Richeson
Jarrod is from Princeton, Indiana, is 5' 9" tall, and fights in the junior open division at 152 pounds.  He had his first bout in March and lost very narrowly on points to a far more experienced opponent, but then shined in his Golden Gloves debut two weeks later ... a 5-0 victory.  Jarrod is a 2002 graduate of Princeton Community High School where he played soccer and basketball.   He has an associates degree from Vincinnes University in conservation law.  After leaving VU, he transferred to Indiana State University where he is now a junior pursuing a bachelor's degree in criminology with a minor in psychology.  He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at ISU and was born on October 7, 1983.  
03/26/05   Lexington    Lost 0-3        Edgar Valdez
04/07/05   Indianapolis Won 5-0        Mike Riley
04/21/05   Indianapolis Lost 0-5        J. J. Budde
06/25/05   Lexington    Lost 1-2        Frank Masby
11/12/05   Indianapolis Lost 0-3        ---
03/16/06   Indianapolis Lost 1-4        Travis Welsh
11/04/06   Indianapolis Won 5-0        Michael Shields
04/12/07   Indianapolis Lost RSC-3   Sergio DeLeon

Jason Boyle
Jason is from Owensville, Indiana, and is 20 years of age.  He is a 2005 graduate of Gibson Southern High School where he lettered and started on the varsity football team for four years.  He played "iron man" football at both linebacker and offensive tight end and played on specialty teams.  He also wrestled for Gibson Southern for one year and received a varsity letter. Jason completed three semesters at Indiana State University in Terre Haute and plans to resume his college studies at USI this fall with a major in business and finance.  He started boxing with the EBC in January, 2005.  While at ISU, he trained with James Porter at the Sweat Box Boxing Club in Terre Haute.  Jason broke his leg playing football in late October 2005 and the injury kept him out of the 2006 Golden Gloves.  Since January 2007, Jason has been training with Danny Thomas at the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Boxing Club in Evansville.  He won his first amateur bout by unanimous decison at the Indiana Golden Gloves on March 22, 2007, and won his second bout a week later in a stunning third-round comeback after being eight-counted in each of the first two rounds. Jason was born on September 9, 1986, is 5 feet 11 inches tall and boxes at 165 pounds.
03/22/07   Indianapolis     Won 5-0       Jose Rebollar
03/29/07   Indianapolis     Won Ret-3   Jamaal Williams
04/19/07   Indianapolis     Lost RSC-1  Daniel Luna

John Richard
141 OPEN                  NOVICE CHAMPION 2004
A very highly skilled boxer, John is 3-1 as an amateur and won the 2004 Indiana Golden Gloves title in the 141 pound novice division.  Originally from Tell City, Indiana, John has lived in Evansville since age 8.  He graduated from Evansville North High School where he played football, basketbal and baseball,   A four-year starter on the baseball team at pitcher and center fielder, John helped his team win State Runner-Up honors in 2002.  John works out with our club occasionally but currently boxes with Danny Thomas' East Side Gym in Evansville.  He was born on September 29, 1984, and is currently a freshman at the University of Southern Indiana.  

01/27/03   Evansville      Won 3-0       --- 

04/15/04   Indianapolis   Won 5-0       ---

04/22/04   Indianapolis   Won RSC1   Ben Shockley

04/21/05   Indianapolis   Lost 1-4       David Buggs 

John Carey
                      SILVER GLOVES CHAMPION 1990
                      JUNIOR OLYMPIC CHAMPION 1989
John is the club's most prolific and winningest former boxer.  John fought in an amazing 150 amateur bouts from 1978 to 1988 (ages 8 to 17), winning 120 bouts and 45 of those by knockout!  Boxing at 138 pounds, he won the Junior Olympics in 1986 and won the Silver Gloves in 1984 and 1985.  He was also a Golden Gloves open division runner-up in 1987 and 1988.  He is originally from Evansville and graduated from Evansville North High School in 1989 where he ran track.  He received his Associates Degree and Qualified Medical Assistant certification from Tennessee State University in 1991 and has worked as a QMA at Advantage Home Care in Indianapolis for 8 years.  He is presently engaged to Janice Davis and will be married on his birthday this July.   John was born on July 20, 1970.
120 wins (45 by KO); 30 losses (1978-1988) 

James Hopper
165  OPEN
James is originally from Hazelton, Indiana, and attended Princeton Community High School where he was a wrestler.  He later moved to Evansville to attend college, graduating from the University of Southern Indiana with a degree in political science in 2005.  James was born on August 19, 1979 and boxed with the club from 2000 to 2002.  He is now hoping to resume his amateur career and train for the 2007 Indiana Golden Gloves. 

-- / -- /00   Lexington        Won Ret2     ---

-- / -- /01   Indianapolis     Won Ret2     ---

-- / -- /01   Indianapolis     Lost  Med1   ---

-- / -- /01   Lexington        Won  3-0      ---

-- / -- /02   Evansville        Won  3-0      ---